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Our barbers will make you look your best by combining good old traditional haircuts
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Kevin Joseph

Kevin is a versatile barber with 10+ years’ experience. After obtaining his cosmetology license in 2005, He worked in various barbershops learning the business, and developing his own signature style before opening the doors to frank and sons with his brothers. Striving to deliver the best, Kevin learned from different barber styles traveling globally and observing different cultures in barbering. He is equally skilled at skin tight fades, Brooklyn fades, Mohawks, classic cuts, burst fades, comb overs, and can style all hair textures.

He hopes to be a example to barbers coming up on how to be successful in this business. His world travel, diversity of style, service, and reliability place him in the upper echelon of barbers in the area. You are guaranteed to be a return customer if you sit in his chair!

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